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20 February 2013 @ 08:50 pm
to the writing journal of kurdoodle, a girl named hannah, 18 years young, with a million otps and an obsession with stories. let's be friends?

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study break
g, 810w
sometimes it's nice to relax a little

"You were drooling," he remarks, entertained.Collapse )

strawberry milk
g, 453w
a piece of home

Tzuyu spilling her strawberry milk may or may not had been the highlight of his day.Collapse )

a gift just for you
g, 236w
"for you, in case you're hungry"

He"s not quite sure what to make of it.Collapse )

a second first meeting
g, 267w
"i have an idea, let's start over"

It is a lot more awkward than they thought it would be, but thankfully there"s such thing as second chances.Collapse )

stuck with you
g, 311w
no, he's really not that annoying. she's just saying that

There"s something about him that annoys her to no end, but she likes him just the same.Collapse )
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20 August 2015 @ 05:18 pm
the not so golden days (2/?)
(seventeen) junhui, minghao; (uniq) yixuan, wenhan, yibo; (twice) tzuyu

A sitcom-like saga that takes place at the University of California, Berkeley featuring a group of eccentric international college students hailing from China and Taiwan. Faced with coming to a new country for school, they find comfort and joy in each other. Life is not without struggles, but it never hurts to have a good laugh - and with this crew of youngsters, let's just say that entertainment is not hard to come by. There's Yibo on the computer science struggle bus, Minghao with dreams of becoming a doctor, Junhui stuck in the kitchen, Wenhan as the resident fangirl-attractor on the collegiate swim team, Yixuan playing dad as the president of the Chinese Student Association, and lastly, Tzuyu as that one girl who somehow finds herself stuck with this rag-tag group of boys. The school mascot is the golden bear, and they find that there are always reasons to smile: both in the golden days, and in the not-so-golden ones.

part 1

ep.2: kitchen mayhem

preparing for the potluck...Collapse )
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31 July 2015 @ 11:58 pm
bus line 41
g, 1220w
just as one cannot control the mood of the weather or the sentiment of the sky, this is just how it is

They usually wear cardigans.Collapse )
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31 July 2015 @ 11:54 pm
high definition
g, 539w
she leans in, so close that he can see every detail of her eyelashes
--happy late birthday, wonwoo! ((whispers that everyone should stan seventeen with me))

His nickname is not a sloth for no reason.Collapse )
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29 June 2015 @ 07:00 pm
the (im)perfect date
g, 2190w
in which they pretend that date crashers don't exist

before reading, read vernon/dahyun version first!

"Did I just see Dahyun?" Jisoo raises an eyebrow.Collapse )
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25 June 2015 @ 05:48 pm
date crashers
g, 1408w
life is interesting with kim dahyun as your next door neighbor.

Somehow, it is always Hansol who gets dragged into something like this.Collapse )
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3-sentence drabbles dedicated to the <33 ships
(because 16 + 17 = 33 /gets bricked)

I am aware that barely anyone else I know follows both Seventeen (new 13-member Pledis boy group) and Twice/Sixteen (JYP girl trainees), but I ship them (crackships ofc) because they're actually all pretty much in the same age range. They're also too handsome and pretty to just NOT ship them together, so I now present you a drabble set with some of the pairings I like. They're all very short (THREE SENTENCES ONLY! except I sort of cheated haha) so please give these ships a chance ♥

p.s. thoughts/explanations about these individual ships are at the end of this post!

dedicated to kisoap, who helped me give birth to these pairings LOL

i see the whole universe in your eyes
g, 74w
you had me at hello

Collapse )

break my heart (if you'll be my band-aid)
g, 69w
we could be everything, you know

Collapse )

love language
g, 91w
they're in the same class anyway, so might as well not let that go to waste

Collapse )

the three musketeers
g, 102w
we're stronger when we're not alone

Collapse )

blind date (and her blinding smile)
g, 51w
it's safe to say that they hit it off

Collapse )

and sometimes, all i see is you
g, 123w
and i wonder if you think the same

Collapse )

dreams (and how they can come true)
g, 133w
they're actually really cheesy together, but whatever

Collapse )

dancing royalty
g, 137w
when you're not sure whether the ship is sailing

Collapse )

half and half
g, 89w
they should be used to ridicule, but they're not

Collapse )

reasons to ship seventeen + sixteen (aka <33)Collapse )
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09 June 2015 @ 12:56 am
eleven dollars and forty cents
g, 3017w
you know, i started drinking americanos because of you

-- for kirakirashahida :: based on coffee - by bts lyrics (so good)
-- a/n: back in the swing of writing after approximately a million years, still rusty and very cliche but here, have some otp

jaebum is the type of guy to love too much.Collapse )
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for archiving purposes... still impressed that i managed to write in the midst of my 2nd semester of college. now if only my muse will come back when i finally have time during the summer :(

sixteen and running
g, 940w
maybe that's how he intended for it to be all along

jinyoung is an expert at making mistakes.Collapse )

there's no such thing as antiseptic
g, 1219w
they both have a lot of growing up to do
fools, fools, fools all over the world.Collapse )

the home she never had
g, 1121w
it's weird because this never happens - feeling alive so that she doesn't need to pretend anymore
she"s been homesick for way too long to care.Collapse )

according to plan
g, 1201w
in which he ruins her plans yet again but it's actually kind of nice

"what if i think i finally found "the one"?"Collapse )
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