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20 February 2013 @ 08:50 pm
to the writing journal of kurdoodle, a girl named hannah, 18 years young, with a million otps and an obsession with stories. let's be friends?

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13 January 2015 @ 10:05 pm
five ways to break up with jung soojung
pg, 2241w
one for each season, and then some.
--in honor of jongin's birthday hehe.

don"t look back, or else you"d never be able to leave.Collapse )
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Stuck In My Head: love is a lie - winner
01 January 2015 @ 02:05 am

Because I think these things are fun & I actually wrote more stuff this year. Yay!

I tag kirakirashahida, sooriforever, silentlybelieve, douc, and onceuponataem! (and the rest of #angstcircle if you want to do it hehe)
hooray for a productive writing year!Collapse )
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Stuck In My Head: thunder - exo
of pick-up lines and criss-crossing oceans
g, 668w
i dropped something. could you pick it up for me?

He’s overly excited when she replies that she’s from Seoul too.Collapse )

the window seat
g, 749w
shared grins, awkward bumping of elbows on the arm rest.

He may not have the best view of the outside from where he’s sitting but he would be lying if he said he didn’t have a view at all.Collapse )

rock, paper, scissors
g, 562w
this travel blog of theirs is gonna have a lot of entries at this rate.

And that’s how Bae Joohyun gets stuck between her two childhood best friends on a plane to Shanghai for their “summer adventure” (read: Joohyun tagging along to make sure they don’t make utter fools of themselves and put their lives in danger).Collapse )
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Stuck In My Head: stop stop it - got7
23 December 2014 @ 07:28 pm
i don"t have a ship - i have an armada.Collapse )
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Stuck In My Head: classic - taecyeon/wooyoung/suzy
23 December 2014 @ 04:29 pm
her winters have been colder
g, 598w
it is not easy loving bae suji.

-- for shida ( kirakirashahida), lisa (se0ulmate), mira (eternal_hopes), alexis (bisteu), and ellie (naladot), in honor of my first time writing jr/suzy even though i ship them so freaking hard. sorry in advance that this is really short and cliche and lacking in substance, but hopefully it's better than nothing!

She is Suzy, the nation’s first love, but he loved her first before it all.Collapse )
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Stuck In My Head: real story - infinite
08 November 2014 @ 10:52 pm
mambo no. 5
kai/krystal ft. wingman!taemin
g, 1368w
right when she's on the verge of moving to the edge of human civilization, these two come along with the most ridiculous idea ever.
--requested by shida (kirakirashahida) -- listen to mambo no.5!

She doesn’t know what exactly she expected – not that she expects that her life would be straight out of a romance film – but what she got was not exactly in her scope of imagination.Collapse )

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Stuck In My Head: mambo no.5 - lou bega
25 October 2014 @ 09:16 pm
twenty/twenty vision
g, 829w
first love never dies, it only gets buried
-- a/n: because i miss super generation

He turns away from the pile of ashes and faces the rising sun, pinks and purples and oranges filling the horizon.Collapse )
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Stuck In My Head: a thousand years - christina perri